THE Toothpaste

Fluoride, low abrasion whitening and enamel fortifying compounds ... and a sexy aluminium tube

Pearly white and minty fresh

We wanted the very best natural toothpaste to look after your teeth. So we worked with a leading UK dental expert and laboratory to take advantage of the latest advances in the field. We have fluoride, low abrasion whitening and enamel fortifying compounds.

Looking good, feeling fresh

  1. Strengthens teeth through remineralisation of the enamel
  2. Supports healthy gums with optimised vitamin E levels
  3. Freshens breath using natural essential peppermint oils

What makes it work?

  • Natural whitening & stain prevention - Papain (from papaya) and patented gentle whitening booster silicas
  • Sodium Fluoride - prevents cavities and helps strengthens enamel
  • Vitamin E – anti-oxidant and soothing for your gums
  • Hydroxyapatite – this innovative ingredient works with fluoride to help remineralise tooth enamel
  • Natural peppermint essential oil - because minty is best
  • Natural sweetener (stevioside) - only a touch is needed as its 300x sweeter than cane sugar!

The key gets to the last 10% that the average brother misses