Brother Earth and zero waste  

We run, cycle, surf and hike - any damage done to the environment reduces the pleasure we get from being out. So we have gone to the absolute extreme to design out waste and minimise the impact of Brother Earth.

And to that end we adopted Circular design principles as the leading philosopy.

Circular design is simply a set of ideas that takes the user-led design concepts beloved of the 00’s and broadens its horizons - taking into account the end to end lifecycle of the product, minimising the impact and reducing the resource demands - while still delivering for you.

This refreshed perspective helps Brother Earth achieve a number of things in moving on from the personal care products of the 00s:

  • We just use less of everything to achieve a better result - from packaging to ingredients. The wash bars are a great example using ⅕ the energy of a like for like equivalent liquid product across their lifecycle
  • Where we couldn't stop using it we picked the most recycled and recyclable materials - aluminium is great example with over 90% typically recycled  
  • We also had to think harder about what goes in the product - where it’s from and what can replace it - where it made sense we used natural products with lower processing requirements e.g. olive oil in the Face & Body Bar. But it doesn’t stop here, if we can find an even lower impact alternative we will   
  • But we also wanted exceptional products, without compromise so as we developed we reached out to our like-minded brothers (and sisters) to test, and retest, to make suggestions to make sure the products are properly great. For example, we are pretty proud that our customers will be able to use the bespoke rolled top on the cardboard deodorant tube, it's way nicer.

There is so much more to Brother Earth’s application of circular design both in our first line-up but also in the pipeline….it’s fundamental to us delivering genuine sustainability for those that see the value in the small change. 

Please hit us with questions - we are true believers. 

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