Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Absolutely not. They are for all humans - the products work for everyone Rachel, Nick and everyone in between.

We have chosen awesome gender neutral scents using only the best essential oils.

Yes, all of our products are made using natural or naturally derived ingredients - all of our scents are natural essential oils.

We are proud that they are all also made in the UK.

They are Vegan, SLS, paraben free.

For more on this please take a look at our page - Natural Formulas

Our products tend to last between 45 and 75 days for a single user.

That said if your a thrice a day kind of brother - the are likely to run out a little faster!

But the good news is - we are here and have your back if you need some more.  Subscribing is a great idea as you save 15% and never have to worry about running out.

It is a key is designed to help squeeze all the toothpaste towards the opening.  Did you know most people waste the last 6% of their toothpaste! 

Using the key is pretty simple and you can use it at any time between your first and final use.

Our preference is to use the first half of your tube as normal, squeezing out a pea sized amount each use. 

When you have used about half, slide the key over the top crimped metal end and slowly twist, applying gentle pressure to keep the roll nice and tight.

Once you have got to a point where the tube below appears full, remove the key and use the tube again as usual.

Then keep repeating periodically until you get to the bottom of the tube.

Once you have twisted as far as you can, the key's job is done and your fingers can push the last drops out.

You’ve now saved the roughly 6% of paste that is wasted in every plastic toothpaste tube :-)

Now please recycle the aluminium tube and cap in with your household recycling so they can have a life as another fine product.

When you first use our natural deodorant, you may find it is hard to push up.  This is because the cardboard tube has a grease proof lining that has some friction with the deodorant.

Heat is the answer to get it moving, the quickest solution is putting in the microwave for 8 seconds on high.  Alternatively, hold in your hand for 30 seconds or so.

The apply pressure to the bottom disk, be careful not to push too hard, as once the deodorant has come out too far, it can be hard to get back in.  Ideally you only need a few mm of deodorant showing at the top to use.

In terms of application, just glide over your armpits.  Hair can get in the way of the deodorant getting to your sweat, so our preference is to keep that hair trimmed slightly.

As our product is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, its job is to stop you smelling bad vs stopping you sweat.  We have found as some people transition products, they may feel they smell more for a week or so, as whatever product you have been using leaves your skin and pores.  This is totally normal so bear with it.

Once empty, you can either recycle the tube with your cardboard, or put it into you home compost heap for a home for your worms :-)

Firstly, the bag the bar comes in made of glassine, it is 100% paper and not coated in any wax so can be recyled with paper.

Our bars need a little tlc to keep them performing for as long as possible. 

In general it is best to keep the bars as dry as possible in between uses, so store on a shelf or rack that away from flowing water.

Our hand tin is perfect for this, see FAQ on using my tin.

To help with airflow around the bar, we like to rotate the bar and sometimes stand on its side.

Just remember your bar likes to be dry between uses, so please let it air!

Our bars need a little tlc to keep them performing for as long as possible.  The tray you (hopefully) got with your bars is the perfect tool for the job.

The tin has a few uses: you can keep the bars dry in the bathroom and take them with you wherever you go.

In your bathroom:

You can store the bar in the tin (lid off), the inner section is a drainage tray which allows water to drain away.

Depending on your bathroom setup, it is either best to use the inner tray by itself (e.g. in on a rack in the shower that drains into the shower area), or with the bottom of the tin underneath (e.g. on a surface you don’t want to have to keep wiping)

The tin lid also fits under the bottom if you want to store it there.

To help with airflow around the bar, we like to rotate the bar and sometimes stand on its side

On the move:

Finally if you are off for a night or two, pop on the lid and off you go.

Every now and again, give your tins a quick wash under warm water to remove any residue

Just remember your bar likes to be dry between uses, so please let them air.

General Questions

Yes you can!  We offer a nice 15% discount too.  We offer either 1 month or 2 month options, which are flexible and can be amended / paused at anytime.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Please note that the available payment methods may change depending on your region. We do not accept cash on delivery.

Shipping & Returns

All orders will be delivered within 3-5 days via Royal Mail 'Tracked 48' postage. 

You will receive a tracking number from Royal Mail via email.

Sorry we can't ship internationally just yet but please stay in touch, we are international in outlook.