THE Face and Body Bar

Face and body wash that replenishes your skin setting you up for whatever comes next

Super cleansing, moisturising skin care

In a face and body wash you want two things: the super cleanse of soaps with more moisturising skin care. So we upgraded a fantastic soap formula adding in shea butter and olive oil.  

It's conditioning formula is so smooth you can even shave with it.

For people who sweat

  1. Effective for people who work hard and expect to sweat
  2. Replenishes natural oils for frequently washed skin
  3. Maximises the afterglow with energising essential oils

What makes it work?

  • Enhanced cleansing coconut and olive oil base
  • Skin conditioning shea butter
  • Mix of antibacterial and soothing essential oils including rosemary, eucalyptus and bergamot

THE transition box comes with these indestructible tins for your shower, gym trips and travel