THE Deodorant

Performance formula deploying three active ingredients to ensure you have 100% confidence whatever your day entails

The deodorant you can rely on

Your deodorant has to still be working at the end of the day. So we focused the development of the formula on making it work whether you're late for the office, off to the gym or 50km into the long distance bike race you might have over-committed to.

All day, everyday

  1. Heightened odor control with three active antibacterial ingredients
  2. No mark formula keeps your tee whiter for longer
  3. Refreshing essential oils mean you smell great for longer

What makes it work?

  • Anti-bacterial sodium bicarbonate
  • Anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory magnesium hydroxide
  • Anti-bacterial and great smelling tea tree and peppermint oils

You can't escape the heat but you can trust our deodorant