THE Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Washed your hair, got sweaty, need to wash your hair again? Our bar has the natural glycerides to care for your hair and scalp over, and over

The best shampoo ever....made solid

Getting a shampoo bar to provide a silky feel in your hair, the lather to get across your locks, leaving your scalp and hair feeling great was not easy. In fact it took more than 30 attempts....which is why we are very proud of it.

Rinse & repeat

  1. Uses the unique complex fatty acids in our coconut base to replenish your hairs gloss
  2. Combines conditioning glycerides and antibacterial oils to keep your scalp healthy under daily washing conditions
  3. Energising ginger and lemon oils set you up for your next mission

What makes it work?

  • Coconut oil base with a high ratio of glycerides
  • Argan oil which cares for the scalp and hair
  • Essential oils that are vigorous (like you) and include ginger and lemongrass
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The box comes with the gym and shower friendly, indestructible tins