Why invest in zero waste personal care? The State of Our Trails Report explains

Why invest in zero waste personal care? The State of Our Trails Report explains


Brother Earth exists to reduce plastic waste 

It's a many headed beast of a problem and we are hugely relieved that that our allies in the struggle include Trash Free Trails led by Dom Ferris.

This research does a number of important things:

  • Crystallises what you know -  that single use pollution on our trails reduces the pleasure of the adventure 
  • Highlights the contradiction (and required disconnection) that trail-goers drop single use pollution 
  • Demonstrates that what is found in our environment differs based on the activities it hosts - in this case Lucazade wins 'most present on our trails' 

Why this is exciting? 

  • The route to reducing plastic waste requires understanding how it comes into existence and then how it gets into the environments we love
  • This research has taken the time to understand the what and the why

The TFT Report points optimistically to both pre-consumer and post-consumer solutions 

  • Concepts like the deposit return schemes and extended producer responsibilities
  • And improving the connection for trail-goers through outreach and communications.

What does it mean for our brothers? 

  • Plastic pollution matters and reducing plastic waste contributes to how much you enjoy the wild 
  • Taking action is good for you - pick up a bit of waste, support businesses that invest in zero waste solutions
  • Get out on the trails - its good for you and you are good for them


Check out the full report 

We know the time to act is now” 🫵🏽

The #StateOfOurTrailsReport is a first of its kind study of single-use pollution on our trails. Collating data from the last three years and thousands of volunteer contributions, the Report sets the precedent evidence-led action to tackle pollution, helping protect the trails for future adventurers.

Read the Report and let’s #ProtectOurTrails 🌄




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