Independent? Sustainable? Beautiful?

Our collection of the best gifts for people who really get it.

"These are the best"

Working with independent, sustainable brands this year has been extraordinary. We get to see those that combine design and craft with ethics.

Below are some that we would pick as gifts for us or our friends. Like this neoprene clad brother, he's crying out for a hot drink and decent chocolate bar.

Hampstead Organic Tea's

Hampstead Tea have owned the space for serious organic tea for years and no one has really caught up yet. The taste is way better than our usual brew.

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Circular and Co's Cups and Flasks

Circular and Co are Brother Earth's reference case for circular design rigour. A pleasure to use and gold standard sustainability credentials.

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Norlo Outdoor Hats

A super new entrant into this space (even newer than Brother Earth). But anyone who gets out in winter knows this - the quality of the hat is directly proportional to the pleasure. These are thick, comfortable and look awesome.

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Seed and Bean Chocolate

100% organic is both intellectually pleasing and environmentally important. If it's in our house for a weekend and hasn't been eaten it's because we have been away.

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Brother Earth Starter Set

We may be a bit biased on this one, but we believe it's a perfect gift.

Think a Lynx Africa gift set alternative for the discerning gentleman.

Oh and it comes ready wrapped, what else can we say?

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